Rezbár Šimík

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Journey of artist

Famous Slovak carving has a long tradition but often difficult. Craft survived centuries mainly due to tradition transmission link from generation to generation inheritance from father to son. This was also happened in the family of Vladimir Simik sr. - master carver and founder of the Simik family workshop.

Mr. Vladimir Simik sr. was born in 1955 in Povazska Bystrica to the family carpenter. The wood should therefore close since childhood as well as the visual arts. Household of Simik family is often attended family known - Imro Weiner King painter also a native of Bystrica. Vladimir Simik sr. preview available later he attended primary art school where he first learned about the sculpture art. After graduating, he accepted to study carving into a nearby city Rajec.

The wood-carvers from Rajec area have been acclaimed throughout Czechoslovakia mainly due woodcraft Joseph Briestenský families or brothers Igondovcov. Vladimir Simik sr. became an apprentice famous carving names of ,,Rajec wood - carvers " and after the study he quickly began to consult between them. Socialism however was not welcoming the flowering of this art. From wood - carvers regime did workers in the manufacturing cooperative which focused mainly on functional objects and souvenirs and sacral statues or creation as well as religion were officially banned. Vladimir Simik sr. despite the pressure of the then decided to leave the workers team and start carving for the churches.

After the fall of the regime in 1989 occurred again for a little while good times for Slovak carvers.The church which was no longer in the decomposition get back on your feet.Works of Vladimir Simik sr. began to decorate more and more churches. Today you can see work of his works over in 50 churches across the country.

Thanks to well controlled craft of master Vladimir Simik sr. is always hired various restorers and sculptors worked with the various cultural sites. Together with the known restorer Joseph Klecht began to save precious wooden interiors and artwork of Slovakia among them rare sacristy of the cathedral of St.Emerant in Nitra .

Vladimir Simik start also to learn his two sons - Martin Simik and Vladimir Simik jr.. They both learned the art for carvers and their work can be seen across the border in Slovakia. Retain distinctive carving style of his father while trying disposed of to the tradition for the next generation. Thanks wood-carving Simik family the third generation is already clear that this genus carving tradition die out and will inherit for next generation.