Rezbár Šimík

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About us

Family business and brand ,,Rezbar Simik ,, – (Woodcarver Simik) whose beginnings date back to the 60th years of the 20th century is one of the few carving workshops in Slovakia which is based on the family members. As everywhere at the beginning was a one man who over time created a strong company based on a family basis.

Throughout all the years we are based on tradition of carving and handmade carving which for decades built a master Vladimir Simik. He gradually gives his big experience to his two sons Martin and Vladimir Simik jr. who have found their way to the wood when carving alongside his father. Martin and Vladimir Simik jr.gained their experience and perfected beyond the borders of Slovakia where they also gained insight and vision to continue in the family business.

Martin and Vladimir Simik jr. together with their father trying to maintain a tradition of wood carving which are inherent to this area of Slovakia. Both are trying to highlight the craft which slowly dying out and needs to get back again your honor.


Vladimír Šimík jr.

(b. 1983)

artistic wood carver studied in Dubnica the practiced with his father - Master Vladimir Simik sr.. Like his brother Martin Simik as well as he has participated in several studies during the carving symposiums or carving events. After his studies he began gaining experience from his father but later followed the steps of his older brother Martin and also went abroad to improve his experience. Vladimir charmed particular of Celtic culture where he began to develop his craft. On the west coast of Ireland is still possible to see work of both brothers particularly Celtic cross with ornaments in small village Killimor.


Vladimír Šimík sr.

(b. 1955)

Master and founder of carving families Simik apprentice famed Rajec carvers. Even during the socialist period he worked as a freelancer and formed its own distinctive style. Even then his works were often part of the interior church stands. Together with the sculptor Joseph Klecht as a restorer credited with saving several major carving monuments in Slovakia. Since 1989 works foreman preview available especially for the church still his sculptures and wooden interiors decorated with more than 50 churches across the country. Together with his sons kept the family woodcarving workshop in the village Bodina in the heart of Strazov hills.


Martin Šimík

(b. 1979)

Art carver studied in Zilina and practiced at the renowned woodcarver carving society in Rajec. During his studies he participated also on carving symposia in Banska Stiavnica. After his studies he started working in the family carving company where together with his father and brother worked on various carvings. Simik Martin start also gather experience beyond the borders of Slovakia from different continents of the world. His work left in the UK and Ireland. Known primarily are the Celtic crosses with intricate Celtic ornamentation. Currently he focus on the brand of ,, Rezbar Simik,, to become famous not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

Brand ,, Rezbar Simik ,, and tradition wood - crafts of us surely never die out .

Both brothers still operate abroad but gradually returning to its roots and Slovak traditions . Along with his father constitute a family brand ,, Rezbar Simik ,,which nurtures the third generation of his followers .